History of the Garden

A $50,000 grant from the California Environmental Protection Agency (Cal/EPA) allowed us to set up Buena Vista Community Garden, and we created an agreement with the City of Pomona to use a parcel of vacant land in a residential area for our project. Before beginning work on the garden, the coordinators of the project held several community meetings to get a sense of what the immediate community wanted to see in that space, and integrating that feedback into a whole farm ecological design. The initial grant supported basic infrastructure development, acquisition of tools and supplies, soil, irrigation, essential farm labor, as well as a variety of educational programming around nutrition and environmental justice.

As grant funds are unpredictable and opportunities to receive large grants rare for urban gardening projects, we are looking to support the garden through donations. We invite supporters to make one-time donations or to become monthly members. Donations will help to pay for our basic expenses such as water, insurance, supplies, and stipends for lead volunteers: Click here to become a supporter and investor in our vision of environmental health, community well-being, and food justice