Support Us

As an essentially all-volunteer run project serving healthy food access in a low-income community, we gladly accept donations to support the on-going sustainability of the project. Donations help us to cover on-going expenses related to irrigation, insurance, tools and supplies, seeds, soil amendments, soil testing, tools, etc. We also hope to compensate lead volunteers and offer stipends to expert gardeners, artists, and other specialists for hosting events and programs at our site. Being able to provide economic support to dedicated gardeners and skilled specialists will help ensure that this project remains sustainable over the long term.

Our baseline annual expenses include the following:

  • Water: $3,000

  • Insurance: $2,500

  • Irrigation: $2,000

  • Seeds: $500

  • Soil Amendments: $300

  • Tools + Supplies: $2,000

An investment in this project is an investment in our vision and model of holistic health, climate change mitigation, ecological and community well-being, alleviating environmental justice, supporting biodiversity and soil health, meaningful job opportunities, and healthy food access for those who need it most.

Become a recurring donor and we will include you in an email newsletter with special updates from the garden!

September 2nd, 2022 Notice: We are working on accepting donations via a different method. Will update this page soon. Contact us with any questions via our email: